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Reverence for the divine feminine is as old as civilization. It is easy to imagine that early people saw life springing from woman and abundance from “mother earth.” The discovery of ancient “goddess” figures with heavy breasts and full hips seems to support this theory. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf

With the suppression of feminine wisdom has come the degradation of the environment, the disintegration of family unity, international conflict and spiritual alienation. Today’s spiritual evolution seeks to bring balance between the equally powerful masculine and feminine perspectives. We seek to transmute the love of power into the power of love – not to replace the masculine power with feminine power.


Ritual and ceremony are important tools to heal the masculine/feminine imbalance. Birth, puberty, marriage and death are major gateways in our lives. Modern observance of the rites of passage (or lack thereof) often reflects masculine values and beliefs. The concept of the midwife as one who ushers in life and assists with the passage beyond has been replaced with the old age home, the hospital and the morgue. Today, we can reclaim the values of cooperation, community, wisdom, tolerance and sustainability through re-connecting with our “inner goddess.”

There are three stages of life recognized in the feminine tradition: the maiden, the mother and the crone. Our culture glorifies the maiden to the exclusion of all other stages of life. Barbie, Hollywood and the fashion industry constantly emphasizing being young and – especially – thin. Society also recognizes the importance of the mother. “Motherhood and apple pie” are sacred in our land. Throughout history, the mother and child have been seen as the culmination of womanhood. So, what happens when women reach “a certain age?”

It is the crone - actually the “crown” of womanhood - that has been under appreciated and, even, demonized. Older women are overlooked at best and often considered ugly, sick (suffering from menopause), or dangerous. As baby boomers achieve menopause in record numbers, there is a great opportunity to reclaim and redefine this important stage in a woman’s life. It is the wisdom of the divine feminine that will enable us to bring our world and ourselves back into balance. Awaken the Goddess within!

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