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Social Action - Doing the work of spirit on earth

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Today, evolving spiritually cannot be separated from taking action to change the world. Working toward a more sustainable and peaceful world with the knowledge that we are guided and supported by the intelligent spirit that pervades everything and everyone, our actions gain added power. As we grow spiritually, our personal desires (ego) become subordinate to our collective vision so that we are able to come together to support the common good.

Today, the internet creates a magical opportunity for people to connect. Using the internet, we can find each other and, most importantly, take action to support others who are doing something that we believe in. Please visit our Links page to find organizations that are doing the work of repairing the world. Give them your money, your time, your support. Internet action - is just a click away. And, please, do something locally too. If each of us did a little, what a lot that would be!

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