Consult NorthStar - Munay-ki Munay-ki - Initiations into a path of transformation
The Munay-ki, a series of 9 energetic transmissions, gifted to us by the Indigenous Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, assist us as we create a golden age of peace and prosperity. Learn more about Munay-ki >>
Consult NorthStar - Energetic Healing Energetic Healing - Changing the blueprint of reality
By accessing our conscious intentions in the present moment and using imagery, emotion and thought, we can shift patterns that might manifest in ways that are not in our best interests. Learn more about Energetic Healing >>
Consult NorthStar - Women's Wisdom Women’s Wisdom – Bringing the divine feminine into our world
The goal of this work is to empower women and the feminine by offering ritual and ceremony to connect women with the power of the divine feminine so that we may ground and express the feminine values of abundance, compassion, cooperation, tolerance and grace. Learn more about Women’s Wisdom >>
Consult NorthStar - Life Coaching Life Coaching - Accessing new possibilities
Coaching assists people to improve their lives by intervening at the literal level of the physical world. Issues about career, life style, relationships, and health can often significantly improve by shifting perception, emotion and the physical body. Learn more about Coaching programs >>
Consult NorthStar - Encuentros with Alverto Taxo Encuentros with Alverto Taxo – Wisdom of the Condor
A Master Iachak of the Atis people of the Kichwa nation in Ecuador, Alverto is skilled at bringing the teachings of the condor to serious students in the west. His week-long “Encuentros” provide advanced training in the medicine path. Learn more about Wisdom of the Condor >>
Consult NorthStar - Apprenticeships with Sylvia Apprenticeships with Sylvia – Walking the Medicine Path
Sylvia offers a limited number of apprenticeships for students who want to walk the medicine path without leaving home. Flexible schedules are available. Learn more about Walking the Medicine Path >>
Consult NorthStar - Social Action Social Action – Doing the work of spirit on earth.
Today, evolving spiritually cannot be separated from taking action to change the world. Working toward a more sustainable and peaceful world with the knowledge that we are guided and supported by the intelligent spirit that pervades everything and everyone, our actions gain added power. Learn more about Social Action >>