Munay-ki – Initiations into a path of Transformation
Consult NorthStar - Munay-ki
The Nine Rites are energetic transmissions that originated with the Inca Elders in the Andes Mountains of Peru. They are passed from teacher to apprentice in seed form. A mentor or coach can help the initiate to work with and deepen the energies once they are received.

The rites are described briefly below:

The Healers Rite connects you with a lineage of luminous healers from the past and also from the future.

The Harmony Rite aligns you with the powers of the universe so that your entire being resonates with the physical and also the spiritual aspects of reality.

The Bands of Power create energetic protections that transform negative energy.

The Seer Rite awakens and enhances your intuition so that you can perceive the invisible world of energy with an awakened heart and mind.

The Day Keeper Rite connects you to ancient stone altars and sacred places throughout the world. It brings healing and balance and connects you with the aspects of the Divine Feminine.

The Wisdom Keeper Rite connects you to the sacred mountains – honored places where human and divine meet. This rite enables you to step outside of linear time and connects you with the aspects of the Divine Masculine.



The Earth Keeper Rite connects you to a lineage of archangels that are the guardians of our galaxy. You become a steward of mother earth and learn to dream the world into being.

The Star Keeper Rite anchors you safely in the time after the great change that is said to occur around 2012. You begin the journey of conscious evolution that enables you to transform into Homo Luminous – a spiritual as well as a physical being.

The Creator Rite awakens the God-light within and you acquire the Christ or Buddha consciousness. With this level of initiation, you become a co-creator with spirit.

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