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Munay-ki – Initiations into a path of Transformation

Consult NorthStar - Munay-ki

The Munay-ki, a series of 9 energetic transmissions, gifted to us by the Indigenous Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, assist us as we create a golden age of peace and prosperity. The prophecies of 2012, in contrast to the “end-times” as they are commonly understood in Western mythology, herald a new age in which human beings can evolve spiritually and realize their role as co-creators with spirit.

As we awaken from the cultural trance that we are born into and access our free will, we are empowered to “dream the world into being.” This means that we can shed the past and put an end to the nightmare scenarios that we have unconsciously created. This will enable us to transform our lives and our society into a beautiful paradise on earth. As the Christ energy is re-born into our world in a new and wonderful way, we will truly see and know that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Consult NorthStar - Munay-ki

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Schedule –

Munay-Ki Rites of Spring

Rockland County, NY

Saturday, April 17th and Sunday, April 18th

• Workshop: Saturday, April 17th and Sunday, April 18th 10am - 5pm

• Ceremony: Saturday, April 17th 8-10pm (no charge)

Cost: $200, includes guest pass to Saturday night ceremony for friends/relatives of workshop participants.
Inexpensive lodging available nearby.

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What our students say

“What I need now is to focus on the beauty in the world, the blessings of life that I have, come from a place of abundance, let go of all negative feelings and thoughts about any and all people in my life, acknowledge the past and let it go, accept that I too am a beautiful person with qualities of generosity, caring, goodness, light and love, be willing to take risks, be willing to be happy, to be at peace with myself and all in the universe, to accept the oneness of life, live in the present with hope, faith and joy, look forward to the future with confidence and without fear, allow myself and others to just be -- without analysis, without expectations -- to float gracefully in the universe, free, content, grateful, humble, untroubled..." Susan M.