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Link to Sacred on Blog Talk Radio (5/03/08) - Topic: Shamanic Healing
Topics Covered:

  • Distinctions between Shamanism and Life Coaching
  • 2012 and Prophecies
  • The Eagle and the Condor
  • Victim Consciousness and the Triangle of Disempowerment
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • The Illumination Process
  • The value of Indigenous teachings

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Link to Sacred on Blog Talk Radio (7/03/08) - Topic: Healings, Ceremonies and Journeys
Topics Covered:

  • The western mind and indigenous mind - the divine feminine vs. the sky god religions
  • Reclaiming your personal power - overcoming resignation
  • Planetary awakening - human evolution
  • Caller - Angel - She dreams of a whale holding a baby...
  • Imagination as a tool for healing  - energy healing
  • Caller - David - dreams and visions - facing himself...
  • Distinctions between Religion and Spirituality

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Rockland Word Radio

(11/15/07) - Topic: Spiritual Alchemy Click here to listen
(3/20/08) - Topic: Spiritual Alchemy: Ordinary Magic Click here to listen
(6/5/08) - Topic: Lifting the Veil Click here to listen
(1/22/09) - Topic: Navigating Your Journey the Shamanic Way Click here to listen *NEW*

WHN (Westchester Holistic Network)
Talk by Sylvia
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What our students say

“Your presentation was wonderful, Sylvia!  People really benefited from it and especially from the rite you performed. Just terrific!” -- Paula C.