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Seeing new possibilities is not always easy. Your beliefs, habits and expectations can create a prison that you are unable to escape. Good coaching enables you to try new behaviors and gives you a strategy for success.

Your story: No doubt you have a story. It explains your life. You tell it to yourself, your friends and your therapist. Although you may not realize it, your story may be what is keeping you stuck. Sylvia helps you to identify and evaluate your story. Changing your story can have a powerful effect on your life.



Your moods and emotions: Your mood sets the tone for your life and your emotions trigger your reactions to events. Usually, you are unaware of these powerful forces that shape your ability to act. By bringing moods and emotions into focus, Sylvia helps you to see the actions that are pre-determined by the feeling. Shifting your mood and taking the time to act rather than react emotionally enables you to access new and more effective behaviors.

Your beliefs: You are very likely not aware of the beliefs that hold your world view in place. Some of these beliefs may not serve you. If, for example, someone told you that you were not smart – and you believed them – this unconscious belief may lead you to fail at whatever you undertake. Identifying and changing your beliefs to align with your goals is an important territory.

Your self-interest: Recognizing your enlightened self-interest is important to your success. Sylvia will help you to identify your goals and evaluate your behavior to see if it is designed to achieve these goals. Often, unconscious negative forces are blocking your ability to take appropriate action to achieve your goal. When this happens, Sylvia can assist you to make the commitment necessary to change your behavior.

Your language: Are you using language powerfully? Sylvia is an expert at identifying negative language patterns that sabotage your success. Identifying and transforming negative self-talk is an important first step. Soon you will graduate to using language effectively to make requests, offers and promises that are aligned with your goals.

Your body: Congruence between your body and your goals is both empowering and essential. Body language speaks louder than words. Sylvia will assist you as you learn to embody the emotions, beliefs and vision that you choose to create for yourself.

Individual Coaching Sessions may be done in person or over the phone.

E-mail SylviaGolbin@ConsultNorthStar.com to book a session.

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