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Life Coaching - Accessing new possibilities

Consult NorthStar - Life Coaching

Coaching assists people to improve their lives by intervening at the literal level of the physical world. Issues about career, life style, relationships, and health can often significantly improve by shifting perception, emotion and the physical body. As a coach, Sylvia helps you identify goals and find the courage and determination to follow a course of action that can help you to achieve them.

An important aspect of coaching is that it enables you to see new possibilities. Often we feel stuck in our situation, not seeing the way out. Sylvia is skilled at coaching people to shift their perspective so that they can see new possibilities - to find a door where, before, there was only a wall.

Consult NorthStar - Life Coaching

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What our students say
"First of all, sooo many thanks for our session. It reinforced the other segments of my quest for renewed sight. " -- Wendy C.