Energetic Healing - Changing the blueprint of reality
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Thoughts move at the speed of light. That is why energy medicine is so powerful. Quantum Physics teaches us that matter is not really as dense as we think. Ultimately, it is made up of tiny particles –even smaller than electrons – called strings. String theory gives us a way to see the universe as a malleable and changing being. Once we realize that we are made of the same essential particles as everything (and everyone) else, it is easier to believe that we are all connected to each other and to nature. It also helps us to see how our thoughts, emotions and actions can affect the material world that we experience with our everyday awareness.

As we become aware of the intention of our current thought, emotions and actions, we are able to release the patterns that are creating negative outcomes in our lives.


However, the real benefit comes when we begin to consciously dream the world into being. As we access our free will and personal power, we are able to begin to imagine our lives and our world according to our own values and desires. To do this in a harmonious way and for the highest personal and collective benefit is our goal. With this intention, we avoid continuing the current patterns of negativity; destruction and abuse of power that are creating violence, illness, poverty and abuse.

Whatever we send out comes back to us. This is the law of karma: as you sow, so shall you reap. Right now, we are experiencing the effects of cultural and personal darkness. Becoming impeccable in our intentions, words and actions and working to send only light will eventually produce the effect we desire. From the energetic blueprint we create, we can – in time- build lives that bring us joy in a world that is peaceful and abundant – for us all.

The Energy Body

We think we are made of flesh and blood. This is only part of the picture. We are also made up of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energy. It is useful to think of ourselves has having not only a physical body, but also emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic “bodies”. These body’s are not separate from, but rather overlapping and penetrating our physical body. Each of these bodies has a different language – DNA, emotions, thoughts, images and energy all play their part.

At the physical level we are very dense — lots of matter and relatively little consciousness. In contrast, our energy bodies have very little matter and a lot of consciousness. We call the energy body the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). This is where energy medicine intervenes. By changing the patterns at the energetic level, the energy healer can affect the physical level – especially with regard to things that have not yet manifested.

Energetic healing is always done in Sacred Space. This ensures that both the practitioner and the client are protected. It also invites the participation of energetic or spiritual helpers and guides, who, many believe, are the true source of the healing. In an energy healing session you might experience one or more of the following: illumination, soul retrieval, destiny retrieval, fire ceremony, despacho, mesa proxy, reiki.

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