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Energetic Healing - Changing the blueprint of reality

Consult NorthStar - Energetic Healing

Everything is made of energy. Energy is what the universe translates into matter. Matter is very solid and energy is not. Therefore, it is much easier to influence energy than matter. For example, it is much easier to change the plans of how to build your house than to change the physical house once it is built. This is why we say that energetic healing intervenes at the blueprint level of reality.

By accessing our conscious intentions in the present moment and using imagery, emotion and thought, we can shift patterns that might manifest in ways that are not in our best interests. If, for example, an attitude of entitlement which leads to anger and intolerance is part of our energetic signature, over time we will attract experiences and situations that create more of these emotions and may eventually manifest as a disease or other crisis. Recognizing negative patterns and shifting the energy, ensures that we will not attract the situations and illnesses we are programmed to inherit from our society and genetic line.

Consult NorthStar - Energetic Healing

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What our students say
“As I watched you open your medicine bag, I felt as though I was in another space and time with a medicine woman. The healing itself was powerful.  My body responded in the most powerful way because there was a "knowing" that a healing was taking place. “ -- Lorraine S.

“After the session with Sylvia, I felt at peace within myself, totally accepting of myself and of those around me. From my perspective at the present moment, it appears to me that the feeling of peace and love that I experienced that day are easier to access in my life now when I "get lost" or get away from my center. “
-- Marilyn F.