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Animal Communicator
Barbara Goodfriend
Our Animals' Souls are Speaking
Experience Their Messages

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MonaVie is a super fruit drink that helps the body heal itself and includes 19 fruits including the Acai Berry from Brazil. MonaVie Active also has plant-derived glucosamine for healthy joint function. MonaVie Pulse has plant sterols and omega 3 for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

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Love trees? The Tree Whisperer, Dr. Jim Conroy, will holistically heal your sick or declining trees!
Creator of a no-product holistic system of energy healing for trees, crops, plants and forests. Restores Life Force to trees and can deliver intuitive insights from them. Teaches his experience-based “touch” system. Strengthens the planet’s forests weakened by climate change: www.TheTreeWhisperer.com >>

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