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By joining together, we create a resonant field. In this environment, we re-enforce each other’s intentions and reflect back to each other the new reality of what we are becoming. We all belong to many communities. This is a community of intention. It is virtual. Although we sometimes gather in the same place and time, we recognize that aligning our thoughts, beliefs and actions affects the collective consciousness. As we calibrate and connect, a critical mass is reached. This is what causes the evolutionary leap that we seek. Together we are mighty. Visit our social action links >

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Community MarketplaceThe purpose of this directory is to create sustainable business and consuming practices.  Why not do business with others who share a common vision?  You can find goods and services in this directory that will make great presents for your friends, your family – for yourself.

If you have a product or service that is harmonious with our mission and vision, please consider creating a link in our directory to your website or email.  To advertise in our directory, please
email Sylvia.

We welcome your interest in our directory.  The cost of a listing is $25 for one year.  Please provide a photograph or graphic, your name and/or business name, two to three lines of text, and a web address or email address.  We reserve the right to reject or remove any content that we deem inappropriate or inconsistent with our vision.  Please state what category you would like to be listed under.

Together, we are mighty!
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  Heifer International   Inner Realm Magazine   Animal Communicator   Munay-ki Rites at Greek Temples   True Colors Design