Apprenticeships with Sylvia - Walking the Medicine Path
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By entering the medicine wheel, you are embarking on a powerful path of personal and planetary healing. The “medicine” referred to is spiritual healing. This medicine is energy medicine and works on the most ethereal level of your being. According to energy medicine, we are more than our physical bodies. Yes, we have physical bodies, but we also have mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. These envelop the physical body, penetrating and surrounding it.



Each body has its own language. The language of the physical body is DNA, molecules and cells. The language of the mental body is thought, word and image. The language of the emotional body is feeling, emotion and intention. The language of the spiritual body is myth, legend, art and music. The energetic body is pure light (energy) and is, in fact, the blueprint for all that is. As Shamans, we learn to intervene at all levels to shift dis-ease into ease – illness into wellness.

Energy medicine is the highest form of medicine because it intervenes at the blueprint level of reality. Matter, which is very dense and does not have much consciousness, is the most difficult level to affect. Spirit (energy), which has very little matter and a great deal of consciousness, is much easier to shift. In real world terms, this is reflected in the fact that it is much easier to change the blueprint of a house that to change the actual house once it is built.

When you enter the medicine wheel, you enter into a sacred contract with spirit. You are also adopted by a lineage of healers and luminous beings who are dedicated to healing humanity. When you call, these luminous beings come and assist you with your healing work. Many Shamans believe that it is the luminous ones who do the healing, not the Shaman. There is a reciprocal part of this contract that says that when Spirit calls, you will answer. In this way, the Shaman comes into relationship with spirit and begins the work of understanding the language and the intentions of the great force of life.

This is why the Shaman always works in Sacred Space. There are many ways to create Sacred Space and, in truth, all space is sacred. However, Indigenous healers have discovered that it is possible to create a special envelope or protected area in which to work. This is done with intention and by coming into alignment with all that is. The Shaman creates sacred space by recognizing and coming into relationship with the six directions. The first four directions relate to the physical world. They are the four directions of the compass which align us in the space-time warp. The other two directions are above and below which bring heaven and earth into relationship (as above, so below). The four directions are given different images and qualities in different traditions, but the importance is the relationship and not how the directions are out-pictured.

The medicine training is a rigorous path. You begin by healing yourself and this gives you the experience, authority and skills to assist others in their own healing.

The first direction is the South. In the South, you begin by healing your life. The archetype of the south is the Serpent. The serpent teaches us how to shed the past the way she sheds her skin – quickly and all at once. The serpent teachings connect us with healing (the caduceus) and also with transformation (the DNA helix).

The second direction is the West. In the West, you master time. Recognizing and embodying your luminous nature, you begin the journey beyond death and taste the nectar of immortality. The great Jaguar, archetype of the west, teaches us to find balance and healing by creating sacred space and crossing the rainbow bridge that connects the world of matter and the world of spirit.

The third direction is the North. The teachings of the north bring you in touch with your destiny. Sewakente (Hummingbird) shows you how to take the epic journey – the path that elevates your life from the mundane to the mythic. In the North you also meet the ancestors and learn to be still in the moment and drink deeply of the nectar of life.

The fourth direction of the Medicine Wheel is the East. This is the place of vision. Here is where the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor teach you to become a co-creator with spirit. In the East, you emerge as a new species of human who is ready to live in the fifth dimension and to create heaven on earth.

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