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About Sylvia
Consult NorthStar - About Sylvia Sylvia Golbin is a gifted teacher and healer who has been walking the medicine path for over 35 years. Now, she is stepping into her role as star guide and mentor to the growing ranks of people who realize that we are entering a time of profound global and personal transformation and that those who are awake and ready to act have a great opportunity to change the world for the better.

Sylvia is fulfilling the prophecy of the indigenous people of the great first nations of the world that the eagle (the mind) and the condor (the heart) will finally fly together in the same sky.

This will enable us to re-vision the world from a spiritual perspective with the understanding that we are all connected energetically to a web of life that includes all things. As westerners, it is our responsibility to use our resources to take a leadership role in this transformation.
Teachers and influences
Path of the Luminous Warrior: Alverto Taxo, 2003- Present
Conscious Evolution: Barbara Marx Hubbard, 2007- Present
Healing the Light Body: Alberto Villoldo, 2005-2006
Ordained Interfaith Minister: Sanctuary of the Beloved, 2003
Shishendo (Somatic Coaching): 2001-2002
Spatial Dynamics: 2001-2002
Graduate: Executive Coach: Newfield Network, 2000
Certified Professional Coach: Newfield Network, 1999
Dream Education: Clara Stewart Flagg, 1979-1981
Gestalt: Laura Perls, 1978-1979
Bioenergetics: Alan Schwartz, 1977
Work Scholar: Esalen Institute, 1976
Certified Guidance Counselor: New York State (permanent)
Other teachers
Julio Ollala (Executive Coaching), Charlie Badenhop (Somatic Coaching), David
Shiffman, William 2 Feather (Native American Medicine Work), Charlotte Selver
(Sensory Awareness), George Leonard (Mastery), Anna Halperin (Dance), Lenore
Leffer (Woman’s Wisdom), Janet Brockunier (Energetic Healing), Belinda Womack
(Angel Work), John Perkins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jacques Tombazian, Don Alverto Taxo,
Alberto Villoldo, Hank Wesselman (Shamanic Journeys) Gurumayi Chidvilasananda (Siddah Yoga)