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Consult NorthStar - About Us Mission

Our mission is to assist with personal and planetary healing and transformation towards a world of health, prosperity, peace and happiness.


Today, we have an opportunity to evolve consciously into an entirely new species of human being that will live in harmony with nature and create a world of peace and prosperity.


By joining together, we create a resonant field. In this environment, we re-enforce each other’s intentions and


reflect back to each other the new reality of what we are becoming. We all belong to many communities. This is a community of intention. It is virtual. Although we sometimes gather in the same place and time, we recognize that aligning our thoughts, beliefs and actions affects the collective consciousness. As we calibrate and connect, a critical mass is reached. This is what causes the evolutionary leap that we seek. Together we are mighty. Visit Community page >>

What our students say
“Sylvia, you have a beautiful and sincere presence when you speak of what is in your heart and of your vision. There is a centered power in your intention that is attractive. “ -- Jamie S.

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