We’Moon is a co-creation of global women's culture. Each year the We’Moon astrological datebook, wall calendar and cards collect and integrate powerful women’s art and writing from all over the world into a gorgeous and useful guide to lunar rhythms, astrological cycles, deep ecology, goddess-inspired pagan traditions, and multi-cultural, earth-based spirituality. We’Moon is a best selling appointment book, now in its 28th year of publication.

We’Moon '09 Datebook front cover

We’Moon '09 - Gaia Rhythms for Womyn:
At the Crossroads

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In 2009, her 28th year, We’Moon meets us at the Crossroads, joining us for a journey of choices, chances, and discovery. It is a potent moment of opportunity, for ourselves and the earth that sustains us, and it is our hope that the tools and inspiration provided by We’Moon can help guide us throughout the year ahead. We reconnect to our deep ancestral heritage by paying attention to the natural cycles of Earth, Moon and stars—knowing when our seasons shift, how our lunar cycles work, what effect the stars’ progression through our sky has on us. And we gain inspiration for the roads ahead by seeing the visions and reading the thoughts of women around the world, each of us working for positive ways forward from the Crossroads.

We’Moon serves as a guidebook, here at the Crossroads where planetary and personal well-being are so deeply intertwined and delicately balanced. Throughout the 13 Moons, our artists and writers consider pressing choice-points in individual and societal life. They pour out grief for loss of habitat and life-forms, sounding alarms about the dangers we face; and they bring hope and commitment toward healing the world. Women take power to choose new paths toward freedom and transformation.

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We’Moon ’09 is dedicated to our elders and our ancestors who have come before us and are now here as guides at the crossroads. A portion of the proceeds will be given to The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

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